Kiev, Ukraine Moskovskiy prospekt, 15

Phone: 8 (067) 407-85-88; 8 (044) 33-22-975;

Repair and retail: 8 (044) 222-678-5; 8 (044) 33-22-974;


ICQ: 140-807-029

About us

ROTOR TS today

  • The largest supplier of starters, alternators and spare parts to them for any applications of foreign manufacture in the CIS;
  • The exclusive distributor of UNIPOINT, ZEN;
  • The distributor of IKA, TRANSPO, CARGO, SAEMOTO;
  • The constant participant of all largest automotive exhibitions in Russia;
  • The dealer network in Russia and the CIS countries (more than 50 representatives).

ROTOR TS tomorrow

Strategy of the Trans Starter for tomorrow:

  • Increase in sales volumes and turnover;
  • Increase in number of warehouses and repair shops;
  • Development of new clients in Russia and the CIS countries;
  • Search of constant partners for the conclusion of long term exclusive distribution contracts;
  • Participation in International Association of Rebuilders.
  • Unipoint
  • Wai
  • IKA
  • Saemoto
  • Cargo
  • Zen
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